Halsband Tsarina glittrande stenar, crystals gemstones, stort hänge på kedja

460 kr

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Artikelnummer: 2215

Halsband Tsarina glittrande stenar stort hänge på kedja. Se bilden på etiketten för mer information.

Härligt designer-smycke! Oanvänt. Nickelfritt. Max längd kedjan 44 cm.

Om Tsarina Jewelry:

"The idea of Tsarina brand was born in the Ural Mountains, capital of the Russian jewelry industry, which is famous for its unique deposits of precious stones. Tsarina Jewels takes a modern approach to craftsmanship combined with classical inspiration from the rich jewelry traditions of Imperial Russia. Through custom design and collaborating with our clients, we elaborate on their personal tastes and preferences in the physical form, composition and craft of our jewels. We use only natural precious stones, with a preference for Ural stones in addition to the best gems from around the world. The goal of Tsarina Jewels is to reveal the natural beauty and uniqueness of each gem with the help of jewelry art. Tsarina Jewels is the embodiment of beauty, refinement, elegance and exquisiteness worthy of modern Tsarinas!"