Klänning Rockabilly-stil med rosor metallic Hearts Roses London stl 9-10 år

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Klänning Rockabilly-stil med rosor och metallic glans från Hearts & Roses London stl stl 9-10 år

Alla småflickor vill känna sig som en princessa, en rockabilly-princessa...

Who said you can’t look bold & beautiful at the same time? Vintage attire knows the good taste, so we are adding to our collection of summer beauties more metallic prints. The fabric details an alluring print with pink roses in another elegant metallic shine. The design of the bodice details a round neckline. Not only does the detail create uniqueness, but it also gives this style a formal wear theme which you can wear to any kind of special occasion. Why not pair this beauty with a petticoat for a full vintage outfit and a desired fullness to the swing. Dance and swing away young ladies.

OBS Handtvätt!

*Due to the delicate nature of this metallic print, please note this dress must be gently hand washed only. 

Dress Features:

·        Concealed centre back zip 

·        Stretchy cotton blend

·        Round neckline

·        Material composition: 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex

·        Garment Care: Gentle hand wash